Stock Prices Tesla Motors

In the last year, stock prices for a car company have nearly doubled. This company is not one of Detroit, Michigan’s big three, nor is it one of the many car companies that the United States imports from Japan or Germany that have been trading for many years. No, this company has been only been trading for eight years, and has the potential to completely change the dynamic of the electric vs. petroleum debate that is being held. This company is known as Tesla.


Named for the famous Serbian scientist, Nikola Tesla, the Tesla Motors Inc. has developed a line of luxury cars that run purely on electricity. The premier line, the S series, compares favorably with the more well known Mercedes and BMW car companies, and has received the highest rating ever given to a car by Motor Trend, at 99 points out of a possible 100.


There are many reasons for stock in this company to have soared in recent years, topping at over $200 (USD) in December, 2014, and they are as varied as they are numerous. First of all, there is a growing trend amongst consumers to purchase “green” products and services. Tesla meets this demand head on by producing cars that run purely on electricity. Another contributing factor is the cost of oil. While gasoline costs in the U.S. have dropped steadily in recent months to less than $2 per gallon in many locations, the cost of petroleum fuel overseas remains high, remaining higher than $8 in certain European countries, despite the Euro’s declining value. This of course is caused by the fact that the demand for petroleum in Europe remains high, despite the low production (if any) of oil in the same countries, leading to an inflated market, which causes consumers to purchase vehicles with much lower operating costs (ie-less dependence on oil products).


While it is true that Tesla (Nasdaq TSLA) stock prices have dropped dramatically in recent weeks, due to the lower cost of gasoline in the U.S., they are still 85% higher than they were at this time last year, and have more than tripled since the company went to public trading in 2007. Although there is certainly some risk involved with investing in Tesla (as with any stock), the wise trade will look at three factors before completely ignoring this company moving forward. First of all, while oil prices in the U.S. have dropped, the demand for “green” vehicles is going to remain high because of the growing awareness of climate change. Secondly, overseas consumers do not have the benefit of the same low gas prices as Americans. Finally, Tesla produces amazing vehicles, not just amazing electric vehicles, and there will always be a market for well made luxury cars that are fun to drive. All this, combined with the recent dip in stock prices, makes now the perfect time to buy Tesla stock, assuming of course that the investor can afford the $193 price tag per share.

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Whole Foods vs Processed Foods

The benefits of eating whole foods are touted near and far, on the internet, in magazines, and you probably know a person or two who has mentioned how good they are for your health. The word alone brings positive things to light: whole, complete, total.

But what exactly is a whole food, and why is it so much better for you than processed foods?

By definition, a whole food is a food made up of a single ingredient. Carrot, sweet potatoes, watermelon, and chicken (but not the processed nuggets!) are all types of whole foods. They are nutrient-rich and provide your body with healthy vitamins, minerals, and can help lower your cholesterol, maintain a healthy weight, and regulate the blood flow through your veins. A processed food, then, is anything that has more than one ingredient. These foods are energy-dense, meaning they are full of calories that don’t really do much for your body other than clog up your arteries and cause you to gain weight.

It should be a no-brainer on which to buy at the store, but some people just don’t know how to go about it. Here’s a tip: shop mostly around the perimeter of your local grocery store. All the whole foods are there, while the processed foods are in the aisles. Alternatively (and better for the farmer economy), buy your food at farmers’ markets whenever you can. Those are guaranteed to be fresh and whole.

Eating some processed foods isn’t going to be the end of the world, but keep an eye on those labels. Companies tend to pack in chemicals – preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc. – with processed foods, and some of them can be extremely detrimental to your health. Hydrogenated oil, a bad trans-fat, is present in a lot of processed foods, and it has been directly linked to heart disease and the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Really, the best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your meal and are inputting the best things into your body, is to eat whole foods. They may take longer to cook sometimes, and chopping vegetables might get a bit tiring, but your body will thank you for it!

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Open Office

Quite possibly the most popular office suite program on the market today, Microsoft Office has become very nearly the industry standard for many different needs, including word proccessing (Word), presentations (PowerPoint), keeping financial records (Excell), and many others. Microsoft OneNote is useful for creating and keeping notebooks, composing journals, and sharing notes via computer, and Outlook is a wonderful application for email functions. The only problem is, the Microsoft Office family of programs is ridiculously overpriced, and there simply must be a cheaper alternative available to those who do not wish to pay the $219.99 required to buy MS Office Home & Business 2013, the most up-to-date package that includes the programs listed above.


There is, however, an alternative to the Microsoft Office family of programs, and the best news is that it is free. So, if a student or start-up business owner needs the power of Microsoft Office, but without the hefty price tag, he or she must simply visit and download Apache Open Office Suite. With this one simple download, the user will have the ability to read and edit files from the the Microsoft programs Word, PowerPoint, Excell, and Access, as well as Adobe’s program Acrobat. The user is able to create files from scratch that can be opened in each of these programs as well.

In addition, with the download, the user recieves a freeware program analogous to Microsoft Visio (Open Office Draw), and a program (Open Office Math) for creating mathematical formulae to export to word processors, such as Open Office Writer, or Microsoft Word. In addition, there is an additional link to download over 500 templates and extensions to the suite that can be used for everything a user could need. One such template is the resume template, and an example of the extensions would be the foreign language dictionary and spell checker.


Apache Open Office has also received quite a bit of critical acclaim, from noted companies like and Computer World, calling the open source software “…the best, cheapest alternative to Microsoft Office,” and “One of the best deals you’ll find in all of computing,” respectively. In addition, many current users have made their opinions available to the person who is still unsure, leaving rave reviews that say things like, “Really a good system considering it is free…I would never go back having tried this now. I have not found much this will not do,” and “Well, this is an exceptionally good program. Fast, stable and accurate.” While these are just two examples of the reviews that Apache Open Office has received in the last several years, they are indicative of the vast majority of reviews left for potential users to see and read prior to downloading the product. Truly, Apache Open Office is an amazing program, and when considering what the consumer receives for free, there truly is no better value available—anywhere.


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For years, many people have felt that the best way to edit and retouch photographs, create and edit images, and other tasks related to graphic design, the go-to program has been Adobe Photoshop. While this program is extremely useful for these tasks, there is another, equally powerful program that has one distinct advantage over the well known Adobe program: it is free. When you consider that the cost of a full version of Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 download from is now $199.95, there must be a cheaper, but equally powerful, program available to the general consumer.


I would posit that this program is available, but not only is it vastly cheaper than Photoshop, it is free. This program is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, more commonly known as the GIMP. By simply visiting, the average consumer can download a copy of the freeware, and in mere minutes, begin editing images with all the tools available to the Photoshop user. Additionally, the interface is much easier to use, in that the astute user will quickly learn that the interface is much easier to use when compared with Photoshop or other photo editing programs, such as Corel Paintshop. While the learning curve is somewhat steep for those who aren’t well acquainted with image editing software (other than the much less powerful Microsoft Paint), it is no more complicated than Photoshop or Paintshop.


Upon first opening the program, a start up screen appears that allows the user to either open an existing image file or to create a new image. Capable of creating images measured in either pixels, inches, or centimeters, the user has complete control over the image to be manipulated. Further, the program has a “tool-box” in a separate window, which displays all the tools and functions available. While at first, this may seem superfluous, it gives the user the ability to edit multiple images on the same screen, at the same time, without having to close any of the image files, all from the same tool box.


The GIMP also has the ability to convert image files from one type to another. For example, the user must simply open the image file that he or she wishes to convert (example: example.jpg), click File > Save As, which will open a save window. Once the window is open, the user can rename the file with a different file extension, such as .bmp (example: example.jpg to example.bmp). This works for all image file types, such as .png, .jpg, .bmp, or .psd, and more. This is especially useful if editing an image created or previously edited on Adobe Photoshop, because the GIMP opens, edits, and saves Photoshop files (.psd extension).


If anyone is interested in trying the GIMP, and is unsure if it will fill all their needs, they must simply use their favorite web based search engine to look for “GIMP reviews,” and they will find that most customers give this program a 4+ star rating, and will consistently attest that the program can “do anything that Photoshop can.” This, of course, is great news for the amateur graphic designer, or the professional who either can not afford Photoshop, or simply wishes to save money.

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3 Tips on Eating Healthy

A lot of people tend to view eating healthy as a heavy burden to bear, or something that takes a lot of time and money, when in reality, eating healthier can be easy as, forgive the pun, pie. It’s not about a strict diet, and it’s not about tireless calorie counting and monitoring. Follow these three tips to start eating healthier today.

  1. Vary your veggies. The easiest way to do this is to “eat a rainbow.” Red cabbage, orange carrots, yellow squash, green peppers, black beans, etc. Each color of the rainbow has a variety of veggies to try. Did you know that spinach leaves have more vitamin C than oranges? They’re chock-full of iron, too! Toss some on a salad with some tomatoes, watercress, cauliflower and red peppers, and you’ve got a colorful, healthy meal.
  2. Eat lean proteins. You know that protein is good for you, but beans, nuts, seeds, and soy products are all very rich in protein, too, and are so much better for you than red meat. Eggs, too, are high in protein, and if you take out the yolks, you won’t be adding to your cholesterol intake. Don’t fry your meat – grill it, roast it, bake it, or broil it. Leave off the breading, too. That’s just going to add more calories you don’t need.
  3. Half of your grains should be whole. Sounds a little funny, right? It’s true, though. This is such a simple change to make, and the benefits for your body are incredible. Eat 100% whole-wheat bread instead of white bread. Get brown rice instead of white rice. Pay attention to all of your food labels. Many products advertise being multi-grain and 100% wheat, but that doesn’t mean they are a whole-grain product.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a huge battle. If you make a few simple changes to your diet, like those listed here, you are going to see a change in how you feel, how you look, and how much energy you have.

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